Statements Your Clothes Make Behind Your Back

Whether you work in a restaurant, or run a company, the knowledge that your dress speaks loads about you is one that all women share every time they come to terms with their mirrors. The clothes you wear speaks volumes and sends very strong signals to your audience about you. They are a powerful tool that reflect about our inner selves, more than you would know. The only funny thing is that, since long, clothes have been a perfect way to disguise reality, personalities, character, and even people.

So what is it that clothes say without your knowledge? There is some bit of psychology that sinks into the way people in the streets or office get to interpret the choice of your wardrobe. Psychology also gets into the way that you may have conflicts between what you believe, and what people understand you for.


An impression is the most basic outcome that your clothes will make for you. Clothes can leave people attracted to you, or they can keep them from approaching you. Clothes in a literal sense make you look the part!

Eyes may be rolling and lips may be pursed here, but you will always look the part, a goddess, a monster, a medieval servant, an English knight. Name the part, and clothes will make you look it.

The impressions you make will suit the best that you can be. Fashion is one of the most alluring trends that can draw you to one dressing code or another. There is a way that rock stars dress, and everything, right from their head will tell the part.

Clothes Can either Save You, or Fight for You

Generally, clothes are a general indicator of our social or economic standards. Though they are not an official ranking tool for our status in the society, people will always associate you with a rank, for the way you look.

As a rescue, you may find yourself fitting in amongst a new herd of workmates, or colleagues, simply because they like your style. This is one of the most psychological aspects of dressing that still intrigues scientists. If you are finding it hard to fit in a group of new people, dress a little like them, and don’t overdo them. Chances are, they won’t find it difficult to take you in.

As a weapon, there are many things that clothes can help you. Many are the times that women have won respect and recognition for simply dressing up, above the expected standards. Many women have closed deals for the simple reason that they looked the winning part. A great Weiz Retro Dress is a sure way to bench your competitors in a bid for deals and attention.

You Never Know

Having the right clothes for any occasion is always going to be the best way that you will live, you never know. It may be the interview that will come abruptly. It may be your crush who will show up in your office. It may be the designer who will spot a model in you. You never know, things come and go. Opportunities pop up everywhere. Missing out on them for being in the wrong outfit will surely be bad news for you. Always be in check with your dress.

It is said that your dressing speaks volumes, which is true. So, make sure that you have a well-planned voice to speak out for you wherever you go. Great women have always proved that a stunning look is better than having none. So, make sure that your clock and timing are in hand with the occasion. And quit going from your morning run, around the block in your high school t-shirt.