Saddle Pains for Women

Facing the facts as they are, more women than men, suffer from saddle pains when riding their bikes. Saddle pains can cost the fun in bike riding for women, and unlike men, women cannot ignore the pain and ride on. The reason why the saddle causes genital pains for the women is that the tissue at the front is soft, and it was not made to bear any weight. Here are some of the most common cause of saddle pains for women.

Low Quality Saddle

A poor saddle is the most prevalent cause of discomfort for most women. Some saddles are hard while others may feel overly comfortable. A saddle that is thick and soft will sink and cause the middle part of the saddle to push up and result to more pressure on the soft parts of your tissue. A good saddle should be firm and will often hold you longer, on a long ride. A saddle that is proper for a woman should have a good padding for the sit bones. A cut out on the front should help in relieving the pressure and help better blood flow. When buying a bike, ensure that you consider a women specific bike since a man’s bike does not take into consideration the anatomy of a woman.

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Poor saddle Tilt

The tilt of a bike determines the pressure distribution around the saddle. If the saddle of your bike is nose down, the position will result to you sliding forward and you will be wrongly positioned on the saddle. The sit bones will not provide the necessary support for your upper framework, hence more weight shall be shifted to your hands. The pressure redistribution to the hands will result to hand pains and numbness. Depending on how you ride your Danish bike, the saddle should, in most cases, be either level, or slightly nose down.

Too High a Saddle

When the saddle is placed higher, you will find that pressure from your bodies shifts off the pedals to the saddle. This results to a hip rock, and increased side to side movements, and chafing.

When the saddle is too far back, you should have it adjusted such that the knees are above the pedal axis. A change in the angle of pedaling can help you find some comfort on your saddle.

Remedy for Saddle Pains

A good pair of cycling shorts with a seamless chamois should be the option you consider. Chamois material is a favorite for many people since it sucks off the moisture, thus helping you remain comfortable while on the seat. Avoid having your underwear on when riding. Use your shorts specifically for riding, and avoid using them when you are not riding. Riding shorts should not be worn twice in a row, without having to wash them.

Use Some Cream

Often, it is normal to use some lubricant for parts that are exposed for lubrication. Some cream on the saddle are should help a lot to prevent chafing. The side to side movement caused by pedaling can result to discomfort and chafing on the soft tissue. Chamois creams create a layer of lubricant that separates your shorts and your skin.

Routinely Get off the Saddle

After some few minutes, a span of 15 to 20 minutes, standing on the pedal to either stretch yourself should help a lot in offering relief to any body part that is under pressure. Move your hands frequently will lessen the numbness or pain that might have built up. This will help to restore normal blood flow.

You may experience the pains after you have introduced yourself to bike riding as a new hobby. Allow yourself some time to adapt to some new exposure that you have gained, and soon the groin area will get used to the pressure it has been exposed to.