Exciting and Cute Outfits for All Seasons

After drudging all over the town shopping for a new outfit to outshine all others this season, are you still having misgivings on your choice of clothes? Don’t worry the fashion ideas we have are sure to zoom you instantly into thelimelight and bedazzle everyone.

Rather than giving up on the idea of a new outfit, all you need is some direction on choosing cute outfits that blend with your accessories and make a style statement that no one would mess with. Read on to know how you can effect a stunning transformation.

Stick to Basics

Okay, this one should be easy. Instead of thinking like a runway model, try to channel your wayward thoughts from the clouds down to the basics. A strong foundation on your basic selection will have you prepared for any type of occasion. All you need to do is just mix and match the things you have stocked up.


Here are some fashion ideas you can never fail with

Black tank top: While a white colour looks great for casual dressing and at the gym, a black top can pair up with virtually anything from cocktail skirts to khakis.

Jeans: It is a must have addition and doesn’t scrimp on your jeans. The more fit and flattering they are the easier your job is.  Stretch denim with minimal lycra is the best combo to look for if you want your curves to be admired a lot.

Crewneck sweater: Wool or cotton knits that layer smoothly are perfect choices

White shirt (long sleeved): Afraid you will look fat in white? A slim fitting shirt that doesn’t cling but skims over your curves would do the trick.

Khakis: Go for the flat front rather than pleats as it flatters your shape more effectively. It is best to choose khakis without any pleats.

Turtleneck (black): Splurge on cashmere variety to get more warmth and lesser bulk.

Button Down (white): This is one of the cute outfits you must have, as it looks great when tucked in or left out as such.

T-shirt (black, long sleeved): This gives you a sophisticated look. You can wear it under a dress or the usual dress shirt.

Cardigan: Choose a longer length that extends to your hip to give an attractive look. A neutral shade is more versatile.

T-shirt (white/black, short sleeve): Since white t-shirts lose their shine soon, buy cheaper versions in plenty, so you can replace them whenever needed. For the black tees, choose a shirt with a longer sleeve than the typical short sleeve length to give a fresher look.


Denim jacket: Slim fitting and darker wash variety blend well with any cute outfits you choose to go with it.

Black pants: Pick a style that uses viscose or tropical wool fabric to give these pants the killer look.

Now that you know what to stock up on with the fashion ideas listed above, what you have to do further is simple: Have solid basics, keep the patterns light and if needed indulge in a couple of showstoppers for those special occasions.

Author Box: Arthur Cooper is your fashion advisor who’s something new in the sleeves for this winter season. He comes up with some evergreen fashion ideas along with the fresh ones that make this winter more exciting than before.