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The history of chokers says that women of different times and cultures worn this extraordinary piece of jewelry. The very first chokersdate back to the Sumer Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. These chokers were made of gold and decorated with gem stones.Later chokers were found in African, Indian, Russian and Chinese cultures. Certainly these choker necklaces featured very different designs, while being made of different materials, including metals, beads, bones, pearls and wood.

The closer to our times revival of choker necklace is associated with the Renaissance. The women portraits of this wonderful time show that necklaces were worn high on the throat. They were made as of precious metals and stones as of laces. The next time, when chokers were again in fashion, was the late 19th century. The chokers of this time were worn by prostitutes as a part of their uniform. At the same time they were carried by ballerinas and fashionable women. Such a controversial significance of chokers usage provided lots of causes for confusion and misunderstanding.

The “dog collars”, as chokers were called in the US during the 1920s, opened a new era in the history of this unique accessory. Consequently, due to the Disney’s animated fantasy film of 1950, it has become an integral part of Cinderella’s style. The result is evident:every modern girl loves chokers only because of this popular film.In the 1990s choker necklaces were “in” again. That time they were related to Goths subculture and were usually black or silver colored.

Nowadays they are back again, being a part of the most stunning apparels, presented at diverse runway shows in all the fashion capitals. However, despite all the mentioned aboveepochs of choker reign, each of which can be specified by a particular style ofchoker necklace, now this tight-to-the-neck pieceis extremely versatile, allowing every fashion lady to choose the one, which perfectly meets her style and taste. It means that you can pickthe Renaissance styled chocker necklace or the simplest dog collar.

Actually, chokers were and will be always referred to the popular jewelry items, simplybecause a tight black velvet ribbon or a chain around the women’s neck looks very graceful. So, buy chokers necklaces at Ultimate Collection, as namely this excellent web store offers a large assortment of stunning chokers offered at the most attractive prices you’ve ever seen on the internet!