A Complete Guide to Buy The Perfect Shoes For Your Kid

Kid’s shoes are more important than those of adults as young children are still developing, growing and lacking in the coordination. The right shoes can however prevent them from padding against the repeated running, jumping or stomping. Various factors are responsible that you need to consider while purchasing the shoes for your kids.

 With the technological improvements, you can also purchase kids LED shoes that are available on various online sites today. These shoes are often fitted along with an integrated battery pack that allows them to function up 6-9 hours. These shoes are often liked by the kids, as they come in multicolored multifunctional lights.


Things to consider when purchasing kids shoes

The kids need frequent protection while they go out. They may not necessarily need shoes, but shoes help to keep their feet protected as well as warm. Something simple like a pair of light up shoes can keep your kids safer because it’s easier for you to keep an eye on them. Here are a few other things to consider when buying a pair of footwear for your child.

  • Checking kids shoes constantly

Kids cannot verbalize that shoes are now too tight. You may observe some indicators like your child would now refuse to wear those same footwear, or may start crying if you put them on forcibly. You need to check their shoes constantly after every week as children often grow quickly. If the shoes are very small, it will actually prevent the feet from developing.

  • Avoiding shoes with no backing

You should avoid the shoes with no straps as children’s coordination levels are usually less than adults. The shoes with no straps can come off easily or the child can fall over due to loose laces. Shoes without backing do not provide any kind of protection to a kid’s feet and their back can grow crooked because there is no back support.

  • Buying shoes with an appropriate sole

According to a research, children need the shoes that have flexible soles. It is because they have soft tendons and small bones. The shoes with the stiff soles can prevent the proper growth. However, the soles cannot be too soft as they usually do not provide as much support and protection.

You need to choose the soles according to the age and activity level of your child. If your kid is very much active, then you need to purchase stiffer soles. However, it is important that you remove his shoes as soon as he gets into the house so that their little feet can have enough time to relax.


Shopping for the kids light up shoes is both important and necessary. The right shoes would not only make your kid happy but would also protect him from a potential injury.