6 Great Suggested Toy Gifts For Kids Who Don’t Play Toys

Playing is learning. Once you children have delay on their play skills, it implies that they have delay in other aspect of their development skills.  Moreover, toys are not just meant for playing. It needs at least two interacting people to have fun and learn.

So, if you are searching for gifts for your special children who have no interest in playing with toys, this rundown of toy gifts can help you make your child happy:

Sensory tool gifts

Plenty of sensory tools,  which are cool for kids can be found online. Do you want to encourage them to exercise? A Step2 Direct ride on toys for toddler can be a good buy.  A child-size treadmill, mini-trampoline or an air-walker could get their attention while  working things out with their physical therapy needs.

A box of stuff they’re interested

Not every kid is excited to know what toy they will receive this Christmas. Others are much interested in playing with a simple box. Try to collect your cereal boxes, oatmeal canister and paper towel tubes. Let your child help you glue the pieces altogether and make something new out of Styrofoam and cardboard.

Or you can let them imitate you. Get some   of your safe toiletries and be able to have them some sensory play on your bathroom such as Aloe Vera gel, scented lotion, gauze and bandage, baby powder, shaving cream and one old towel so you can easily wipe them out when they are done.


Bean bag toss

Kids, whenever they get a chance to throw something, they do it.  And it scares you a lot.  With that, you can be more confident if you’ll give him/her a bean bag toss instead of having a baseball.  Their beanbag target may differ. Say for instance, he/she can simply throw their bean bags right at the cards which have letters from the alphabet or sight words.

Play old scarves or silk

If you’d like now to introduce the world of pretend play, silk or old carves can help you.  Though they are not really into playing, they may still dress-up and start playing silks. It’s an effective way to teach them open-ended play.

Piggy bank

Teach your kids how to save and budget through surprising them with a piggy bank toy.  They will definitely love this one particularly the one, which has separate compartments for sharing, saving and spending.

Music instrument toys

We all know how relaxing it is to listen to music but nothing beats creating your own rhythm, melody and sounds. Whether it is through maracas, drum, piano or guitar, let your children know how music lifts our spirit and motivation.

Remember, gift-giving is not about expensive or innovative material things you want to give. It must be something you’re receiver (your kids) can use and will help them develop into a better person.

So, you don’t need to be confused anymore with what you’ll give to your kids who don’t wants to play with a toy like kid climbers at Step2 Direct. One of these gifts will surely capture their interest.